Monday, November 2, 2009

Dont Talk Just Listen

Today was nothing short of horrid. I spend my looking for something that just does not want to be found. I spend my time obsessed over something that seems to run in a different direction that what I am in.

My life is not what I thought it would be, but at the same time I have accomplished a lot of things in this short period of time. When sad instances come, they seem to stay longer than we expect it too. They come in forms of deaths, breakups, and friendships. You have to learn to hold on to the good things.. The friends that stay and help you weather the storm..

I am a true believer that G-d sends some people in your life for a season, and when that season is up they are gone.. When that friendship or relationship ends, Try to see the silver lining and cherish the memories that you made with them.

This season that I am in is going to last a lifetime.... I am going to dance in the rain, go tubing down the hill drenched in snow... I am going to start going back on the roof and lay there and watch the cloud form magical scenes will passing by.

This time I am NOT going to talk I am just going to listen...

Header pic was taken while I was on vacation at Virgina Beach! I love this pic!!


  1. but seasons do come back don't they ?? and the friends that we lose will they come back ?? i know they will not but still i hope for them to be there to share by good times.

    i like this pic... life's waiting !!!

    hugs n tc

  2. boy! you are growing up faster than my fish in Happy Aquarium! :P

    lovely thoughts there NeNe.. love you for making the best of your life! keep it going baby..mwaahh!

  3. V, If they are real friends, then yes they come back! Some people don't need to be in your life more than the season or they could cause a lot of chaos!!

    Life is waiting, I guess I need to jump on board!!


  4. Trinaa.... Thank you.. I don't think I had a choice ya know? Sometimes we just have to do it!! Love ya also baby girl! or shall I say BIG sis since you are older! lol




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